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I am so tired of fake smiling. My friends ask what’s wrong but they don’t wait for the answer and my family hasn’t even seen how stressed I am. I am crying home I am crying at school but nobody seems to take much notice. My family never has never really taken notice it anything I do unless it’s bad then I get a smack from the belt or something. I use to be the best actor but now my own memories are hounding me and I can’t sleep. I can’t do my work a school and I am having trouble with friends because I can’t be around lots of people or all the worst memories will start to add on I only started this WEBSITE today I want to smile for real for the first time and I think this place should help. there is so many nice people NO KIDS SHOULD BE ABUSED


My mood: very LONELY

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TRYING TO SMILE, posted November 25th, 2012

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